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Hybrid App Development
A Study says “80% of internet users own a Smartphone” So, the risk of not owning mobile apps could be hard throbbing. Hybrid App Development is the right way to get the multi-platform mobile app to polish your user experience. If the customer's fundamental necessity is to hit the market at the earliest opportunity, the hybrid application is the best approach. There is a single code base for all platforms, so both the time and exertion are lessened significantly.
Cost effective
Hybrid apps cost up to 50-70% of native apps.Due to the single code base, the app works on different platforms, thus dropping the development and maintenance cost.
Different Platforms to work
Multiple hybrid mobile platforms to choose from like IBM, Phonegap, and Xamarin to work.
Less Time to Access
The development phase time is reduced up to 40% due to Single code and less accessibility time limit.
HTML5 App Development
Web Accessibility on Mobile phones has drastically increased leading to a big demand for fast and reliable apps. Apps that can work on multiple Platforms to reduce cost and complexity. To overcome these issue, HTML 5 App Development has come all the way to increase the performance of your product, service or websites. HTML 5 is a right alternative to native app development so enterprises developing mobile apps for multiple platforms should consider HTML5 for better results. HTML5 is a collection of web pages optimize for mobile devices carrying advanced features for audio data, streaming video, graphics, and animations.
Offline support
Storing HTML,Javascript, CSS locally is a great feature available in HTML5. No Need to connect to the Internet now.
Apps built in HTML5 have super features for streaming video and audio data, handling graphics and animation. Adding Semantic elements, form controls, multimedia components easy now
HTML5 Supports Geolocation services. This features is actually not available in HTML5 but implemented in JavaScript. User longitude and latitude details can be easily shared with Website.
Other than Javascript and CSS, no extra Plugin is required to grasp the facilities of graphic usage.