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Increase Your Search Engine Visibility with our Comprehensive Online Services

Search Engine Marketing refers to exploiting the potential of the internet search engines to improve the online presence of the business. Sensation Solutions is a leading search marketing company. For more than 10 years, we’ve been assisting hundreds of clients from different industries boost their brand awareness and bring them on the first page of search results. Rather than following a typical approach for each client, we create a custom SEM plan to get the best outcomes considering the limitations, requirements, and goals of your business. Our objective is to achieve the desired traffic with the help of search engines so that you can boost your sales as well as brand value.

  • Our SEM specialists thoroughly analyze your website to create paid and organic strategies tailored to your needs and budget capacity.
  • We organize regular consultations with you, giving special attention to all your interests and queries.
  • Sensation Solutions has been acknowledged by numerous industry review sites for its advertising skills and proficiency.
  • We believe that search engine marketing is only one of the many digital marketing strategies important to achieve long-term success.
  • We constantly improve our organic and paid search engine marketing strategies to give your brand the online appreciation it deserves.

Our Step-by-Step SEO Marketing Process

Before starting a search engine optimization (SEO) project, it is necessary to understand the process involved in a successful SEO campaign. To that end, we break down the process into the different steps and also activities involved in each of these steps.

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 Importance of Search Engine Marketing in Digital World

Spreads Brand Awareness

The paid advertisements used with search engine marketing can help your business cut through the noise of competition. Ads can leave a long lasting impression of your brand.

Fast Visibility

Search engine marketing provides instantaneous results. Your ad is placed in front of your potential clients as soon as they search for you. This makes it a perfect short-term strategy for quickly creating visibility.

 Can Target Ads Based on Location

Another advantage associated with SEM is that you can set up your advertisement to only target the audience near the area of your business. This enables you to filter out searchers who are too far from your location.

Simple Management

One more attractive benefit of search engine marketing is integrity. Platforms like Google Ads make it simple to both create and organize any ads that you use through the SEM.

Allows You to Measure Your Performance

Measuring the viability of ad campaigns in real life is often a hard and expensive experience. They require things like analyzing, target groups, and similar metrics.

Increases Traffic to Your Website

The advertisements for your website are often the primary thing that clients see when they look for relevant search. If your ad copy is appealing, then this can drive traffic to your website.

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Our Industries
For Over 10 years of Excellence, we are offering solutions for a wide array in different industries such as E-commerce, Hospitality, Logistic, Real Estate, Healthcare and many more. With innovation and progressive dynamism, we plan our services along various industry lines and all kinds, from small scale industries to multinationals.
Our highly skilled website development team with years of experience will help you to build secure web applications. For our clients in the health industry, we have developed a variety of health care websites.
Cab Service
Cab Service
Imagine booking a cab with a said price, all in a minute? Yes, you've read it right. Our booking services similar to Uber, OLA shall offer you the scope to fulfill the tedious process in one go.
Sensation develops custom products for the retail and E-commerce industries. Our skilled developers ensure that the process of building an E-commerce website must be user friendly and secure.
Are you looking for a web agency that can build a fully customized and responsive beauty online store? We have developed many Ecommerce Beauty stores on different platforms.
Our developers have good experience in logistic website development with custom shipping software. Sensation is the one that can help you stay one step ahead in the field of innovation to meet your logistics needs.
We specialize in helping recruitment agencies get online fast for both start ups as well as for established agencies to enjoy the benefits of a professional interface without the need for excessive capital investment.
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
We ensure that our unique web and digital marketing services will offer a competitive advantage to your food and beverage business. You need a rock-solid food and beverage website design approach to build your customer base and keep them coming back.
Real Estate & Construction
Real Estate & Construction
We will help you to build websites that reach out to more users who are looking to buy or sell their property with great ease. We provide the best development and digital marketing services to the construction industry with best expertise.
Industries We Serve

Our Engagement Models

We are a leading company that offers different engagement model packages that fit everyone’s business needs. Be it a corporate website, an e-commerce website, or a dedicated custom framework website, our developers work with full dedication. Choose the right web design pricing for your business from the options and offer a best user Experience to your customers Every project is different and the cost is calculated based on your requirements and technology used. Once you provide your vision and requirements to our team, we will be able to suggest the best solution along with the estimated cost.

Monthly Based

  • Hire offshore staff for up to 160 hours a month
  • Manage the team using your own methodologies or leave it to us.
  • Maximum availability for any emergency.
  • Get real-time updates on project development
  • Monthly billing cycles

Hourly Based

  • Pay by hours
  • Add or remove hours based on your requirements
  • Communicate via your own preferred channels
  • Real-time updates on chat and timesheet
  • Resource performance monitoring & reporting.

Fixed Cost Based

  • Get an estimate of the project cost before hiring developers
  • Expand your project as per need.
  • Hire developers on a long-term basis
  • Flexibility to change the scope with a discussion on nominal charges.

Our Skills in Search Engine Marketing Services

Critical Thinking

It’s important to keep in mind that no two SEM plans are completely alike. So, SEM expert should be able to find issues and fix them accordingly.


Prioritization is important to running a successful SEM campaign. That’s why all SEM experts should have a strong knowledge of the steps that need to be taken.

Project Management

SEM is about planning, implementing, and managing projects efficiently. An SEM expert must have the ability to plan your activities, meet deadlines, and organize your team.

Research Minded

An SEM expert should be someone who is mastered in researching. Research mind is required for strong execution of a plan though it takes a fair amount of time.


Analytics is the backbone of SEM. Experts in SEM should know how to get analytics as well as how to read and implement the data that they’re collecting.

Decision Making

SEM is a constantly evolving process and you can’t always wait for a committee. That’s why it’s essential that SEM experts have the ability to make decisions quickly.

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Why Hire Search Engine Marketing Services from Sensation Solutions?

At Sensation Solutions, we believe in creating tailor-made marketing strategies for our clients according to their business requirements. We work together with the clients to ensure that they achieve maximized returns from our digital marketing services. We build smart marketing campaigns that help you transform clicks into leads.

  • We have a profoundly qualified and experienced team of SEM experts
  • We understand the clients, competitors, assets and challenges of the customers to create campaigns that match their requirements
  • We provide customized SEM packages that are designed for different business needs and budgets
  • We value our clients and believe in providing them with ethical and professional business solutions
  • We have an successful track record of having created number of SEM campaigns for happy clients across the world
Our Extensive Search Engine Marketing Services

Sensation Solutions is a renowned Search Engine Marketing company that brings end-to-end services to provide your business the winning edge. With our services, you can avail the benefits of best business leverage at low costs.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the base of search engine marketing as the best choice decides the level of traffic you are able to achieve for your website. We have a team of specialists to help you in selecting the ideal keywords to use for an effective paid campaign.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is an important element of SEM Services as it allows you to get the top keywords to boost your website ranking. We carry out a deep analysis of the keywords being used by your competitors and assist you offering on the ones that would beat them.

Campaign Management

The success of a SEM campaign lays on the decision of the right combination of advertisements. Our dedicated SEM experts track the performance of the campaign and make all the essential adjustments in it to ensure that your business achieves an optimal ROI.


Analysis is critical to make sure that a SEM campaign is providing desirable results. We incorporate in-depth analytics as a part of our marketing plans. The analytics are used to understand parameters like the keyword searches, user history search, geographical locations, and device used.

Ad Campaign Design

We create and run targeted ad campaigns on the different social media networks. Our services involve Pay Per Click (PPC) ads which are created using Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo ads. Our plan also includes landing pages, affiliate marketing, banner ads and remarketing.


The job of a Search Engine Marketing company is not limited to only creating and organizing paid ad campaigns to get top visibility for the client business. We have the latest reporting tools to help you gauge the adequacy of your paid campaign.

Our Clients


Our hard work on building incredible software solutions rewarded with the trust of over 100+ happy clients as well as the recognition on different platforms

Benefits of Hiring our Search Engine Marketing Experts

Website Analysis

Our SEM experts will first analyze your website thoroughly including keyword analysis, link building analysis, content analysis, page load time, website behavior and provide effective recommendations to improve your SEM campaigns.


Instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars blindly on your ad campaigns, our experts will plan and implement your SEM activities using proven strategies and Ads optimization tools offered by different search engines.

Regular Reporting

Whether it’s your website landing page, Google ad or Bing PPC ad – our skilled SEM expert will provide you regular reports after executing each task to ensure your marketing spending are being justified with time.

On-page Recommendation

Constantly tracking Google Panda and Penguin updates, get a chance to improve your website Meta tags, content and title creation for paid ads, mobile responsive, load speed by working with our Search Engine Marketing experts.

White Hat SEM Techniques

Our dedicated SEM expert will help you leverage your SEM activities using professional methods and latest analytic tools to ensure top rankings and visibility over popular search engines such as Bing and Google.

Off-page Recommendation

Ensure a steady flow of content and optimization for your ad campaigns by hiring our team of SEM specialists who constantly work on internal link building techniques, article submission, building keyword-rich websites, content writing and PPC Ads management.

How client loves the way we work for them

“I would definitely recommend Shikha to anyone looking for an SEO specialist, SSM. She is honest, knowledgeable, and has a great work ethic. She masters the english language and has great communication skills.”


“Working with Shikha for more than 1 year. She is responsible and knowledgable person. I never had any delays with her, she takes the deadlines seriously and replies fast. Quantity doesn’t affect quality! Veeeery grateful.”


Shikha goes over and above to help with backlinks, citations and on-page SEO. She has great English and always does more than what I have asked. She has taught me new techniques and I am very grateful for her skills and work ethic.”


Work was completed quickly and any thing that needed to be fixed was done so quickly. Communication was wonderful. Great work.

Nathan Scheer

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Why is Search Engine Marketing important?

Search Engine Marketing is essential if you want to help your business boost into a brand. It is a proven strategy to get quick results and give a little drive to your marketing efforts, improve online traffic and brand visibility.

How do I determine if search engine marketing is right for my business?

Unless your organization is headquartered in a cave and your clients are different cavemen. It’s very likely that your business will get advantage from some aspect of search engine marketing, whether search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. No matter what you primarily expect to generate online—visibility, awareness, new visitors, strategic partners, leads, or sales—search engine marketing offers an opportunity to maximize your bottom line. A quick assessment by professionals like Sensation Solutions will help clarify the need and fit.

How is Sensation Solutions a better search engine marketing company compared to others?

Sensation Solutions, as a Search Engine Marketing Company, takes a completely unique approach. We believe in delivering best quality work to our esteemed clients. We take full responsibility for your SEM project as well as the experts working on it and ensure the resource you hire gives optimum results.

How do I measure the performance of search engine marketing efforts?

Search engine marketing services are highly measurable. If your aim is to generate awareness, you can track “impressions” and “clicks” on organic and paid search engine listings. If you want to measure brand performance or preference of text advertisement creative, you can measure “click-through” and “conversion” rates. If your objective is to achieve quality leads, you can track online registrations, email inquiries or downloads. If your goal is sales and revenue, you can measure eCommerce sales or offline sales.

Which SEM tools do your SEM Experts use for Digital Campaigns?

Our SEM Teams use a wide range of SEM Tools and Platforms including Ahref, SEMrush, Google Data Studio, Facebook & Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, Spotify Ads, Quora & Pinterest Ads.

How can Search Engine Marketing Services increase my online presence?

Search Engine Marketing Services can help you maximize your online visibility by social media services, doing keyword analysis, target audience, performing competitor analysis, writing killer ad copies, tracking and optimizing campaigns etc you can boost your brand awareness and business success .