Redesigning Homepage Improve Conversion Rate
Redesigning Homepage - web designing

The homepage is one of the most important pages of the website as it is the landing page that showcases the real motive and branding of your business. Even a perfect looking website can have a higher bounce rate! Though, it does not sound good for your growing business. To have a perfect looking ‘Homepage’, few things should always be kept in mind for a better user-friendly experience. Now, let’s have a quick look below the following points which should be considered while developing a homepage:

Prepare Blueprint

As the homepage is the threshold for the visitors and the principal point of the business deals and subscription, sometimes it gets quite difficult to reconstruct a page without the proper plan or pre-defined blueprint as the existing customers are still familiar with the current page. Therefore, the foremost thing is to develop a blueprint for the redesigning process. This is a very crucial step to generate new leads, visitors, and customers, this process should be done very carefully. The navigation should be clear with a limited menu, items with the main page just a click away.

Eye-catching Headlines

With eye-catchy headlines, the landing page should be exceptionally unique and it should primarily match the user’s search option. With effective headlines, CTA (Call-to-action) can be improved tremendously. It should not be confusing and connected to customer needs. For this, a professional content writer should be hired to shed out the irrelevant part of the webpage and organize the content strategically. This will also showcase the exact customer needs and requirements of the services. Appropriate headlines make the environment user-friendly and worth experiencing.

SEO oriented designs

A perfect set of preferred keywords will increase the conversion rate scenario. Generally, keyword stuffing is not preferred when Google analytics takes the organic search in mind. Therefore, the content should have a balanced equation of keywords with best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be kept in mind. The user should never feel deprived of getting useful details like basic information about the products/services they will receive.

Revised previous content

With the content strategy in mind, you can rebuild your homepage with the current content or re-structure the whole content. For this, an expert in content strategy is needed with the objective of selling products/services from the user’s perspective. A most important factor while improving your homepage content is to focus on the trust-building factor. It may be possible to use the same old content which makes people visit your site more often. Do not forget about the expenditure part in redesigning the entire homepage for a new look. Make sure to get all your resources to work in a specific way to make a creative task for the developers and the designers as well.

Lastly, a homepage should be appealing, attractive and updated with the latest trend, according to the customer’s needs and expectations. Try to keep all the above points in mind while achieving the goal of a perfect homepage. Redesign your homepage with Sensation Software Solutions and stay tuned for more updates!