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With the growing practices of mobile apps, there is a sea change in the technology landscape over the last few decades. Mobile applications are not only liable for stimulating the growth of businesses across the world, but they are playing an equally significant role in amplifying the lifestyle of the people. They have made human life so simple that you can have easy access to all your requirements like shopping, ordering food online, and booking tickets, etc while sitting in your living room. People nowadays have become so addicted to these mobile apps, they have various apps related to their necessities and comfort.

Mobile apps are equally important in enhancing the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is nothing but an ecosystem of connected devices that includes sensors and network connectivity of peripheral devices. The mobile devices come with multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and NFC that empower them to communicate with other devices or sensors. Due to these extraordinary qualities of mobile devices, they are placed at the core of the IoT ecosystem.

Entire world is going mobile:

In today’s world, we not only have smart-phones with us, but our homes have also become “smart-homes” with major systems like lighting, air conditioning system, security system, and even cooking system is programmed to work on the instructions provided by the user. All these appliances are interconnected to the main hub through cloud-based technology. Even in some hotels, they have started replacing key and card-based system access to enter the room with the Smartphone. Now, the Smartphone can interact with Smartwatches and a fitness band in order to enhance user experience while doing exercise. The use of IoT friendly apps has changed the way people used to interact with digital devices at their workplaces and at home. In short, IoT– applications have brought a drastic change in the way people communicate with their devices in this digital world. Today, you can do a lot of your office work remotely, because you can easily access your PC and other important devices.

The emergence and rise of mobile technology and the internet have pushed the need for more smartphone users and therefore more apps to be developed for smartphones. Everyone today prefers their experiences on-the-go while traveling, doing exercise, in meeting etc. smartphones aim to do just that. are available in abundance and are also considered a necessity of today’s it accessible to all and the apps just make things more convenient for them.

In conclusion, with the gradual increase in the development in IoT, mobile apps are leading to a better-connected world and it seems that there will be no stopping the internet of things. The overall convenience that it brings to the point may be more than enough to outweigh the cons it presents. As of now, it gives us the idea that we’re are in control of the things we do and that is pretty much acceptable. There are many more innovative solutions that will be built around the internet of things in mobile applications in the future.