Predicting the Future of Android developer in India
future of android developer

Android is ready to beat maximum of IOS and other operating system in the mobile market. With its 86.6% of total market share in 2019, Android has become a leading OS next to Apple. In 2003, this software invention by Palo Alto was never imagined to gain such endless popularity. Talking about Smartphone usage- In….. read more

Block Chain Based On Bitcoin Network
blockchain- bitocoin

Working on an obsolete Ledger system, Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous person launches Bitcoin Technology. For the purpose of execution, he also created the first BlockChain database based on Bitcoin Network that holds Distributed, Decentralized, and Transparency features. Search for Bitcoin protocol, its features and benefits smashing the internet, since 2013. Likewise, search, leading companies, investor and….. read more

Heath Care Mobile App Is All You Need For Your Business!
health care mobile app

Mobile application are something not confined to retail and travel industries only now, almost every sector is moving towards the advanced mobile technology and healthcare industry hasn’t left forbidden from this growing trend.A mobile app is an effective tool to attract users as well as streamline the hospital’s functioning. From registering to discharging the patient,….. read more

All About PWA (Progressive Web Applications)
Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web App (PWAs) is the latest web capabilities that deliver an app-like user experience. Just like today’s rich web applications, PWAs try to create a similar user experience as a native app to much extent. They can be best described as the compilation of latest technologies, Web API and Web designs, concepts that can….. read more